Genevieve Coffelt

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Genevieve Coffelt

Thats what a fixed lens can do.
Thank you Carrie photographer
And that was just a quick swing by the house.

What magic is ahead?
I'm dreaming of a better camera and lens. My lumix circa day 2005 was cool...

So check out Rachels eye's. And that adorable little face. I think I will walk straight over to her crib and kiss those checks again for the millionth time today!
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Genevieve Coffelt
We talk a lot about how much Rachel is changing everyday, but rarely do we see matthew's little changes any more. I guess once you get past that first year or so, the changing slows down. But, it's still happening. I remember Matthews sweet little voice when I first met him. The funny little noises and sounds always amazed me. And now, his voice (still sweet most of the time :) ) is slightly deeper, and the words are pronounced clearly and stated with confidence. A subtle, but BIG change. Then I browsed through this first day of school pictures and you can see how he has changed. You can see the obvious physical changes of course. But when you really look again you see the change in his confidence. From that first day of kindergarten, scared, innocent to his second grade "i'm sort of ok smile", to his third grade hands in the pocket, "yah mom, get this picture over with, back to the grind"face.

As a mom its so important to keep him physically well. Good nutrition, good sleep, consistent teeth brushing, and showers...  you know what I mean. But more importantly I must nurture him, instruct him, and show him the word of God through both my actions and words. My hearts desire for Matthew is to be a man who has a heart for God and His purposes. Above all things.
How does this happen? Well, it must be an overflowing of my heart. I must first be filled with the Word and filled with Gods strength and grace.. then I can overflow to my children. This is of utmost importance. Who cares if my photo clip above is not as big as I wanted it to be. I need to spend my extra time praying, maybe even on my knees... for I have been entrusted with two amazing souls.

Time goes by way toooooooo fast.....

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Genevieve Coffelt
There is a million things on the "to do" list, and one of them is to post Rachel's growth pictures. After rounding all the corners of these pic's... I actually stopped and looked at the differences. The changes I either deny or can't see. 

I know that she doesn't really fit in her bassinet but I still keep her there... 
I know that she fits better in 6-9 month clothes, yet I still squeeze her into 3 month...
I know that she should have solid foods now, yet the bottle is so cute, especially when she tries to hold it.
I know she should be napping in her crib, yet I hold her and cuddle her for many naps.
I know that she should be on her tummy more practicing crawling, yet I prefer to lay next to her and read and stare at her adorable profile.

See.. denial...

can i stay here a little longer?

I'm at the point now where she is no longer doing things she used to do. No more 3-4 night time visits, no more crying in the stroller, no more little hairs in the bassinet, no more leaving her on the bed. This girl is smiling, laughing, talking, rolling, grabbing and holding her head up high! 

I often pray that I would slow down enough to enjoy every single moment of life right now. Time seems to be in super fast mode... and I don't want to miss a thing. I don't want to miss a single miracle this little girl shows me everyday. 
So maybe I did hold her while typing this post. How could I not... Off to love on this little one. Also known as
Jo jo
rae rae
bopple baby
little bug
and on and on we go.... 
april  One Month

May Month Two

June. Month Three

July. Month four

August. Month 5

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Genevieve Coffelt
 I know, I know.. everyone thinks their children are the most adorable. But honestly....
Between Matthews eyes and Rachel's checks...
I think we are competitive.

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Genevieve Coffelt
Knock Knock..
Who's there?
Dewey who?

Unfortunately, Yes.

So we had the traditional night before school feast. Sloppy Joe's. With the leftovers straight to the lunch box. We told jokes, did a spongebob mad libs and celebrated cousin Joshua's birthday. To top it off sparkling lemonade in "toasting glasses". The toast this year is for JOY and for a special friend. This is going to be a rough few days for Matthew. He is starting school this year without his best bud Ben. So many tears have been shed, and many prayers prayed. I'm not sure a feast of pure sugar would comfort this little man. Thankfully we have a God that always provides, and hears our requests. Actually... already knows our needs. Here's to a great third grade year!!!

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Genevieve Coffelt
Here we are....... Coronado Beach. 

 Cousin's doing what boys do best. 

 Can you believe how big Rae is getting? She did great hanging out listening to the waves. Someday I will teach her all the tricks to the perfect lay out on the beach. Proper flipping, angles and of course diet coke in a Styrofoam cup. (doesn't sweat as much) I will have this girl so tan. But of course sand castles and sand cones first.
Now, lets just say I told Matt to dig a hole in our backyard. What do you think he would say? I'm pretty sure... something like., "nah.. I'm ok" 
What if I told him to dig a hole on the beach? 

Grandpa and the boys. 
More to come....
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